MAR08 Mariupol after bombing civilians (1)

Stand With The People Of Ukraine

Bringing Immediate Help to the Helpless Stuck in Conflict Zones Around the World

Our Mission

We bring the human stories from conflict zones out of the shadows and into the light, compelling the world to action. Our team mobilizes coalitions of Americans and allies to deliver humanitarian aid where it’s needed when it’s needed.


Today, we coordinate resources to conflict zones across the globe to areas like Ukraine and Afghanistan.

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Your Support

All donations go directly toward operations to save lives, advocate and fundraise for our duty to protect those in danger in Ukraine or Afghanistan.

MAR14 Romny Sumy region territorial defense took away military equipment from the Russians

We Can Save Countless Lives


We need donations to pay for and transport resources, provide free medical care, and fund operations to evacuate or care for our friends.

Corporate Resources

Our needs are vast. Corporate and America’s academic institutions find themselves uniquely positioned to advance America’s Duty – helping us secure resources such as logistics, food, medical supplies, medicine, technology, volunteers, professional advice, and access to their networks. We seek direct access to American corporations, academia, and especially the healthcare industry. These partners have the expertise to guide our efforts.

Social Media Influencers

Celebrities, sports figures, politicians, and influencers can help us build awareness and humanize our stories, lend us cultural credibility, and help us raise money to save lives.

Tell Your Friends and Neighbors

Everyone can help by telling those close to you about our mission and opening your network to our cause.

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